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Advantages of a La-Z-Boy Recliner

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 1

The La-Z-Boy Brand.

Since 1929 when the first La-Z-Boy recliner was patented our brand has had a unique place in the minds of consumers the World over. We have been perfecting reclining comfort ever since and are one of the most recognised names in furniture. You can rest assured that La-Z-Boy will be around for another 85 years and beyond.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 2

Life time warranty on the La-Z-Boy mechanism.

Advantage:Be content in the knowledge that you are buying the best mechanism in the World and the only one to offer this warranty

Benefit: Peace of mind

“All La-Z-Boy mechanisms are designed and tested to operate a minimum of 100,000 times over the life of the recliner”

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 3

Independent Reclining Action

Advantage: Recline without opening the footrest

Benefit: Rock and recline with feet on the floor

“One of the nice features of our genuine La-Z-Boy recliners is the Independent Reclining Action. This feature allows you to recline without raising the footrest. With Independent Reclining Action you can recline with your feet of the floor”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 4

Adjustable Reclining Tension

Advantage: Adjust the backrest tension up or down

Benefit: You can customise the amount of effort it takes to recline the back of the chair

“Adjustable Reclining Tension is a great feature. We know everyone comes in different sizes and strengths, so La-Z-Boy has 2 wing nuts on the bottom of the chair that can easily be adjusted to modify the backrest tension. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of effort it takes to recline the back of the chair, providing customised comfort”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 5

Locking Footrest

Advantage: Footrest does not sag when used

Benefit: Legs are fully supported at all times

“La-Z-Boy is the only manufacturer to use a Locking Footrest with their recliners. This feature prevents the footrest from sagging under the weight of the user’s legs; ensuring legs are fully supported at all times while reclining in the chair”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 6

Seat Tilt Ratchet Mechanism

Advantage: Adjust the seat and footrest pitch into 18 unique angles

Benefit: User can in any raised footrest position raise the front of the seat to elevate their feet more and create a customised comfort position

“With our Seat Tilt Ratchet Mechanism you can adjust the seat and footrest pitch into any one of 18 unique angles. This will allow you to further elevate your feet in any seated position, not just in a full recline like other manufacturers’ recliners. By elevating your feet you will stimulate your blood flow, which provides greater relaxation and comfort. Because the seat and back operate independently in a La-Z-Boy recliner, users can by shifting their weight adjust the back/seat/footrest relationship into many different angles, allowing the individual to find the right custom comfort position”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 7

Contour-Cut Foam

Advantage: Long lasting padding that is perfectly fitted to the specific recliner style

Benefit: The recliner will look and feel better for a longer period

“One hidden but important feature of all La-Z-Boy furniture is the Contour-Cut polyurethane foam used. This foam material is the most resilient and longest-lasting available, which ensures your recliner will maintain its looks and comfort over time”.

Blown Fibre Padding

Advantages: Consistent comfort level over the entire back, better appearance and superior compression and recovery characteristics.

Benefits: Superior comfort

“One valuable feature of some La-Z-Boy recliners is the specially formulated blown-in fibre used in the back cushion. The fibre material is the most resilient and longest-lasting available, which ensures your recliner will maintain its look and comfort over time”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 8

Full Body Support

Advantage: Seat cores extend underneath the back cushions while relined

Benefit: Lower back and tailbone are supported at all times in any reclining position

“Other recliners don’t offer full body support when reclining in the chair. That’s not the case with La-Z-Boy. Our chairs are designed with solid foam seat cores extending underneath the back cushions when you recline. This ensures your lower back and tailbone are supported at all times when using a La-Z-Boy recliner. With Head-to-Heel support you can sit any way you like and know you will always have full body support”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 9

4-Sided Unibody Box Frame

Advantage: Four sided frame provides maximum strength and rigidity

Benefit: Longer chair life

“La-Z-Boy chairs are built to last. One feature that sets us apart from other recliner brands is our Four-Sided Unibody Frame. La-Z-Boy uses a four sided frame to provide maximum strength and rigidity to the recliner, since it will be used thousands of times over the years. This frame design stands up to the rigours of everyday usage and reduces the stress on the mechanism, ensuring smooth operation and increased longevity. In a test designed to pull apart recliner frames, La-Z-Boy’s four-sided Unibody box frame easily beat the comparable recliners of our competitors”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 10

Hand Assembled Mechanisms

Advantage: Easily replace any part without having to install a whole new mechanism

Benefit: Service is quick, easy and less costly if the chair does ever require repairs

“All La-Z-Boy recliner mechanisms are hand assembled. Building our mechanisms this way makes them much easier to repair should they ever require service”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 11

Solid Steel Drive Shafts

Advantage: Drive shaft does not twist or fatigue when the footrest is engaged thousands of times

Benefit: Footrest stays aligned and working

“To activate the footrest, La-Z-Boy uses a solid steel drive shaft. Using solid steel ensures these drive shafts will not twist or fail after thousands of cycles of opening and closing the footrest”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 12

4-Sided Seat Frame with Helical Spring Support

Advantage: Less stress on the seat springs and seat frame

Benefit: The chair maintains its shape and support for a longer period of time

“Genuine La-Z-Boy recliners come with a 4-sided Seat Frame inserted directly into the main frame of the chair. The seat frame contains a combination of helical and sinuous springs which help to reduce the stress placed on the chair when a user drops into the recliner. Over time this feature helps the chair seat maintain its shape and support, providing years of comfortable use from the recliner”.

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 13

Durable Frame Construction

Advantage: Solid timber and engineered framing material is precision cut and assembled using interlocking joints

Benefit: Recliner is durable and will hold up over time

“Our recliner frames are constructed with a durable combination of solid timber and engineered framing material. Frame pieces are precision cut and fit together using ‘old world’ mortice and tenon interlocking joints. Our frames will maintain their structural integrity for a very long time.”

Genuine La-Z-Boy Advantage number 14

Locking and Removable Back

Advantage: Back can be removed and reattached using steel slides and toggles

Benefits: Move the recliner quickly with easy set-up and continued stability.

“Most people will probably want to move their La-Z-Boy recliners to a new room or home at some point in time. La-Z-Boys locking and removable back makes moving the recliner quick and easy. Steel toggles on each side of the chair can be turned to easily remove, then reattach the back of the chair to the base”.